Tim Hartley

thartleyHey, what’s up? I’m Tim Hartley, born and raised in the midst of the Great Lakes in the great state of Michigan. And if you ever plan to vacation there, make sure you visit Mackinac Island… I love that place! I’ve also spent time in Florida, Oregon, Delaware, and currently live in Maryland. I totally love the outdoors and enjoy camping, hiking and biking. I’ve climbed up vertical cliffs and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes. A little known fact: I’ve stood on and broadcast from the very top of the southernmost tower of the Mackinaw Bridge — 552 feet in the air! Fun times and adventure… love ’em! Meeting new people… absolutely! Music, movies, reading… yes, yes and yes!!! Most importantly though, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to hang out with you during your workday on WXCY!!!


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