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    TPic1Tim was born and raised in Michigan, where he developed an avid interest in radio at a very young age. He was often found to be up way past his bedtime listening to area radio stations as well as those from Chicago and other outlying areas. It was in high school that he learned he could swap out a half year of Speech classes for a full year of Radio/TV classes! That year, at the age of 16, he went from broadcasting on his high school station to his first ‘real’ job in radio at a local station in Bay City, Michigan. That summer, his dad ended up having to share Tim’s time building houses with his new passion of building audiences!


    Growing up in Michigan has definitely instilled in Tim a love of the outdoors. One of his favorite outdoor places there is Mackinac Island, and he highly recommends it as a place to visit. The only method of travel once you get there is by foot, TPic4bicycle, or horse. It was a place his family visited on several occasions and one that he actually worked at for a few summers. One year as a dock porter, where he would help visitors unload their luggage from the ferry onto a dray (a large, horse-drawn wagon)
    for transport to the hotel. Sometimes, people would want to bypass the sorting process at the hotel, and have Tim take the luggage directly to their room. It was then (and usually for a large tip), that he would load their belongings into the oversized basket on his bicycle and ride them up the hill. Often, things would be piled so high in the basket, he could barely see over the top! Another year, he worked as a waiter at a restaurant which is now owned by the Grand Hotel. You may know of the Grand Hotel as the setting for the 1980 movie, Somewhere In Time, starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.


    Tim has also spent time in Florida, Oregon, and Delaware. He currently resides in Maryland, where he’s been living locally since starting with WXCY in 2009. While it’s pretty much hit or miss with his television watching habits, he does enjoy a good movie. His top favorites are Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet’s Society and Life As A House. He shares his home with four adopted¬†rescue cats that are named Precious, Baby Bird, Stormy and Simba.


    While Tim totally appreciates the time he shares on-air with WXCY listeners and the chance to hang out during shows at the station’s performance stage.

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