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103.7 WXCY – Official Contest Rules


Any rules for special/specific contests will be posted as a “Part II” addendum. Unless specifically mentioned in a “Part II” addendum, these are the general contest rules:


Part I – “General Contest Rules”


No purchase is ever necessary to play or win. A purchase does not increase odds of winning. Void where prohibited. All contestants/winners must be legal U.S. citizens at least 18 years of age or older and provide valid state-issued photo ID upon request. Additionally any contest relating to a bar, casino or lottery entity requires all contestants/winners to be at least 21 years of age or older. These rules and the rules below apply to on-air, on-line, in-person, texting and Loyal Listener Club contests.


WXCY only allows one (1) winner (either qualifier or grand prize) per household per 30 days. Likewise, winners may only win one prize valued at $1,000 or more per 12 month period. All winners of prizes valued over $600 will be responsible for all applicable taxes and will be issued a 1099 form. All winners must complete a Prize Claim Form.


Prizes won are yours to keep and are non-transferrable. Substitute prizes or taking a ‘cash value’ amount is not allowed. Prizes won on-air, on-line, in person requiring pick-up later or through the WXCY Loyal Listener Club must be claimed within 2 weeks or 10 full business days excluding holidays. If they are not claimed by the winner they are considered forfeited and will remain the property of WXCY. Prizes can be claimed in person with a valid state-issued photo ID at 707 Revolution Street in Havre de Grace Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm. Some prizes can be mailed via USPS at the winner’s request and risk as WXCY cannot guarantee delivery and safety in shipping. Any prizes lost due to damage, slow delivery or non-delivery will not be replaced.


If WXCY contests require contestants to call-in to win or qualify – only the correct caller number as identified on-air will be the winner (ie: “Caller #10 wins”). The decision of the WXCY DJ on-duty at that time is final. WXCY is not responsible for lost or dropped calls, an inability to connect or complete a call, local or long distance charges applied, and any acts of God or the phone company that are beyond our control. All phone-in contests will be conducted via 1-800-788-9929 (WXCY). Any WXCY call-in contest that collects winners as qualifier to enter a larger grand prize drawing will have the gran prize winner determined by a random draw. This may occur on-air or off-air. If there is a texting component, standard messaging ratings may apply.


If any WXCY contest has an “open entry” mechanic requiring contestants to manually enter-to-win in-person with paper and pen or online through electronic submission or by any other means – only 1 entry per person per contest is accepted. Additional entries beyond the first will be omitted. Any enter-to-win contest winner(s) will be determined by random drawing of all eligible entries.


Employees of WXCY, Delmarva Broadcasting Company, immediate family members, sponsors, agents, affiliates, parent companies, and others acting on their behalf are not eligible to win. Likewise, employees of other media entities in the Philadelphia, Wilmington, Lancaster and Baltimore metro areas are not eligible to play or win.


Contestant, qualifier and winners names, voice and likenesses may be used by WXCY for promotional purposes without further compensation.


WXCY may end, change or alter any contest at any time without notice. All decisions of judges (if applicable) and WXCY Management are considered final.


ADDENDUM II — Special Contest rules for “Win Your Weight In Cash”

General Information
103.7 WXCY is running the ‘Win Your Weight in Cash’ contest from March 26th – April 20th, 2018.  This contest is open to ALL WXCY listeners in the local area (PA/DE/NJ/MD) who are 18 years of age or older.  The local area is defined under #3 below.


#1 – How to Play and Win:
There is one way to win. Listen each weekday for us to solicit for the ‘Win Your Weight in Cash’ contestant.  The DJ will announce which caller # you must be to win.  Be the correct caller number at that designated playtime and you will ‘Win Your Weight in Cash’ (see below for maximum and minimum payout amounts).  The correct caller each time the contest is played will be chosen from contestants dialing 1-800-788-WXCY (9929) immediately after the DJ makes the on-air solicit and identifies what the winning caller # will be.  The winner will receive $1.00 for every pound they weigh per contest play on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays.  The winner will receive $2.00 for every pound they weigh when the contest is played on Thursdays – known as ‘Double Your Dough’ play times.  Verification of weight is accepted two ways – through a scale located at the WXCY offices or via the weight listed on the winner’s legal, state issued ID card.  (Driver’s License, ID card, etc).  Contestants do not need to be weighed to be paid – but the weight listed on his or her ID card at the time of the winning will be used to pay the contestant their prize amount.


MAXIMUM AMOUNT ABLE TO BE WON:  WXCY will pay you your weight in cash up to a maximum weight of 300lbs per contestant.  Therefore, the maximum a contestant will be able to win is $300 via check for each normal play time (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri) and $600 via check on Thursdays for the ‘Double Your Dough’ play times.


BY WINNER’S CHOICE (OR BY CIRCUMSTANCE) – ANY FAILURE TO PROVE A WEIGHT for any contest winner will default in a ‘minimum’ cash prize to be paid out.  Any contestant has the right to choose not to disclose nor prove their weight.  Likewise, if any contestant fails to provide a valid, state issued ID either in-person or electronically within 5 business days of their win, WXCY will issue them a default ‘minimum’ prize payment for their contest win.  The payout for non-verified or decline-to-verify winners will be $50 via check for each normal play time (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri) and $100 via check on Thursdays.


#2 – 30 Day Rule Suspension Details:
WXCY has suspended the 30 day rule to apply to all winners/listeners who may have won other contests BEFORE the start of ‘Win Your Weight in Cash’ on Monday 3/26/18  This means if you have won any OTHER contest besides ‘Win Your Weight in Cash’ before the contest began, you are immediately eligible to play and win this contest.  However, if you’re one of our daily call-in winners on ‘Win Your Weight in Cash’ you cannot win the contest again.  One ‘Win Your Weight in Cash’ prize winner per household for the duration of the contest will be enforced.


#3 – WXCY ‘Local Area’ Residency restrictions:
This contest is only open to residents of the local WXCY listening area including the following counties and states:  Delaware (New Castle and Kent Counties only), Maryland (Baltimore, Cecil, Harford and Kent Counties only), Pennsylvania (York, Lancaster, Chester and Delaware Counties only) and New Jersey (Salem County only).  Winners will be required to provide some form of government issued proof of residency (State-issued Drivers License, Government issued ID card, tax return document, etc) and those residing outside of the areas listed above are not valid winners as part of the defined ‘local listening area’ for 103.7 WXCY.  Their prize will be forfeited and they will be ineligible to play again.  WXCY reserves the right to make the final determination on proof of residency based on all factors, information and documentation involved.


#4 – Contest length, terms and special information:
This contest will run Monday through Friday only, between 5am-9pm on those days only and will commence on Monday March 26th and end on or before Friday April 27th, 2018.


#5 – Prize Distribution Information:
All contest winners will be paid via check within 30 days after their win is verified and winner’s paperwork has been completed.  All winners have the choice to either a)visit the WXCY studios in person to complete the paperwork and verify weight (either through scale or state issued ID card) -OR- b)completing the necessary paperwork via email and scanning a copy back to WXCY along with a clear image of their current, valid state issued ID card.  Payment will be processed at that point.  All contestants who win a prize (or cumulative total of prizes) valued over $600 in a calendar year will be issued a 1099 form for tax purposes.


WXCY is not responsible for dropped, disconnected or otherwise incomplete calls.  WXCY reserves the right to extend, shorten or end ‘The WXCY Cash Song of the Day’ at any time, for any reason.  WXCY reserves the right to be the final call on eligibility of all winners.  All verified and eligible winners must provide Name, Address, Phone, Date of Birth, Email Address and Social Security Number and sign a contest prize release form. Our business office is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm at 707 Revolution Street, Havre de Grace, MD 21078.


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