Amanda Lynn


Amanda was born in Havre de Grace and raised in Peach Bottom, PA.  Growing up, Amanda says she was taught to appreciate all genres of music, but credits her Poppaw and Mom for her love and passion of country and bluegrass music.  Amanda adds:  “Yes, I’d like to take this moment to interject that I know my name sounds like “a mandolin” – and yes, my parents did that on purpose!”


Amanda moved to Tennessee and went to college at a small school in Western TN called Bethel University where she studied Music Business. While she attended Bethel, she toured most of the east coast as the bassist for the Renaissance Bluegrass Band and was also given the incredible opportunity to work for the International Bluegrass Music Association (the IBMA) as part of her college experience.


After school, Amanda returned to Peach Bottom to be with family and she’s glad she did because as she says “it brought me to WXCY!  I have listened to WXCY my entire life – so to say that I love my job in a complete understatement!”  Amanda hopes to continue sharing the music she loves with others and meeting people by way of doing it.


When Amanda isn’t “playing in traffic” or in the studio on Sunday nights, she can still be found in the WXCY building creating graphics for the website, trying a new local brewery with her fiancé Anthony, tapping her toes to some live music with Mama Judy, or hanging out with her two “doodles”, Husdon and Sadie.


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