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Here's your chance to expand your knowledge of Country Music Trivia. Impress your friends by being able to answer any question thrown at you! Well, ok, maybe not any question. But thanks to WXCY's Question of the Day, you'll learn new and interesting things about your favorite Country Music Artists. A new question and answer are posted each weekday. And if you miss one, you'll be able to catch the 4 most recent questions on this page as well. Enjoy!

Today's Question of the Day...
January 14: What was the name of Buck Owens' former band?
Answer: The Buckeroos

Past Questions of the Day...
January 13: What was the name of Martina McBride's family band growing up?
Answer: The Schiffters

January 10: Who was the first country act to ever play -- and sell out -- Boston's Fenway Park?
Answer: Jason Aldean

January 9: Who is the youngest artist to ever win a Grammy?
Answer: LeAnn Rimes, at the age of 14

January 8: What was the name of Keith Whitley's first album?
Answer: A Hard Act To Follow

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