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Paula Ryan | Email
Weekdays 5-9am

I was born in Wilmington, Delaware and I've lived there pretty much my entire life. I graduated from Padua Academy and worked as a dental assistant. In my mid twenties I decided I wanted to pursue a dream I'd had for a long time...radio! I started working at a small AM station in Newark (it's no longer there) and after a few years got a call from Delmarva Broadcasting. I started working at WXCY in September 2002 and I've loved every minute of it!

When I'm not on the air, I love spending time with my daughter, Kate. She's 14 and one of the funniest people I've ever met. She makes me laugh like no one else can. I have a cat, Larry and recently added an adorable pit bull rescue to the family, Theo. I like walking, reading, and cooking. I have a terrible addiction to the ID Channel and have lost several Saturdays to binge watching. I also clear out every Sunday night for The Walking Dead. In fact, my daughter gave me the coolest gift ever and bought us tickets to The Walking Dead Escape in Philadelphia. It was an obstacle course set up in the Wells Fargo Center and we had to run from zombies! I'm also a wine enthusiast and enjoy traveling to local vineyards for tastings.

I really enjoy connecting with everyone who listens in the morning. I've met so many great people out at station events and even just on the phone. Hearing from people about their milestones, their happy events (and sad ones, too) has really made me feel close to them and honored to be included in their lives. Thanks for listening!

Tyler Daniel | Email
Weekdays 5-9am

Let’s start at the very beginning. I grew up in Bel Air, MD with my Mom, Dad, and two sisters, and have stayed there nearly my whole life. When I was a toddler, I used to dance to the music on the radio and sing along to the radio, as well. My family still makes fun of me for standing by the radio and mumbling my rendition of Taco’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” and imitating Johnny Gilbert, aka the announcer for Jeopardy before I could even dress myself! I played little league baseball for eleven years of my life, all being coached by my Dad. I wanted to be the next (left handed) Cal Ripken, Jr. When I was 11, I began my endeavor into live performing by falling in love with acting and singing in community theatre. Three years later, I was accepted to the Baltimore School for the Arts, where I attended high school. Four years later, I made the trek to college at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where I majored in musical theatre. After graduation in 2004, I headed back to good ole’ Harford County to decide what I wanted to do with my life. One singing competition sponsored by WXCY later (and a lot of begging) and I had a job at “Thee Country Station!” My first job at 103.7 was delivering Rita’s Italian Ice to offices for a contest taking place. Throughout my first few years here, I continued to express my desire to be on the air. After 3 years, my first door opened. From weekend nights, to weekend days, then weekdays, and now The WXCY Morning Show with Paula and Tyler! I couldn’t be happier or more grateful! I haven’t seen rush hour in 4 years!

On the weekends, I am the front man of the local country band, “Walk ins Welcome.” We have been a band for 7 years now, and we love performing for people throughout the tri state area!

I am very happily married to my beautiful wife, Sandi. I have a stepdaughter, Mykenzie, who has me wrapped around her finger (and has since day one,) a Beagle Puppy named Snickers (who is a pain in my butt, but is too cute to dislike), and a son on the way who will have the name Colton Parker. Life is so great for me right now, and all I can pray is that it just keeps getting better!

Tim Hartley | Email
Weekdays 9am-3pm, Sunday 6pm-Midnight

Hey, what’s up? I’m Tim Hartley, born and raised in the midst of the Great Lakes in the great state of Michigan. And if you ever plan to vacation there, make sure you visit Mackinac Island… I love that place! I’ve also spent time in Florida, Oregon, Delaware, and currently live in Maryland. I totally love the outdoors and enjoy camping, hiking and biking. I’ve climbed up vertical cliffs and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes. A little known fact: I've stood on and broadcast from the very top of the southernmost tower of the Mackinaw Bridge --- 552 feet in the air! Fun times and adventure... love 'em! Meeting new people... absolutely! Music, movies, reading... yes, yes and yes!!! Most importantly though, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to hang out with you during your workday on WXCY!!!

Brad Austin | Email
Weekdays 3-7pm

Brad was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and has been part of radio stations and broadcasting since he was 15. He credits the local Milwaukee radio stations broadcasting live at the State Fair every year with his early love of radio. He lived across the street from the Fair and would watch the DJs and listen to what they were doing.

Since then, Brad has worked successfully in several states including Iowa, Mississippi, Kansas, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Brad lived in the area and worked for a country station in the York/Gettysburg area in the mid 2000’s. He still gets a thrill listening to live music at concerts and discovering the up and coming artists in country music.

When he’s not working, Brad is usually side by side with his yellow lab Lacey going for walks, heading to the park or playing a mean game of fetch. He also enjoys tournament poker, boating, movies, concerts and camping. He’s new to the Delaware/Maryland area so most of his time lately is spent driving around learning about the different communities.

Thanks for listening to 103.7 WXCY!

Blair Thomas | Email
Weeknights 7pm-Midnight, Saturday 7-10pm

With a short attention span and roundabout expertise, I'm an unmistakable product of the 1990's and Bel Air City (Yes, it's a city now!). Someone once described me as the type of person that could "sit down at any table in the cafeteria and chat about anything, with anyone". Music is a passion; it's almost impossible to find me without a pair of headphones listening to everything from Daft Punk to Darius Rucker. As a self-proclaimed sports nerd, the bulk of my summers are spent sitting down the third base line at Camden Yards. When I'm not rambling, I like to unwind with exercise, video games and the best show on TV: Modern Family.

Jim King | Email
Overnights, Saturday 9am-3pm, Sunday Noon-6pm

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and attended Patterson High School. Following graduation in 1967, I went directly to work at the General Motors Assembly Plant in Baltimore. In 1969, I enlisted in the United States Air Force. After basic training, I was assigned to Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado. I then was reassigned to Osan AFB, Korea. After my time overseas, I wrapped up my enlistment at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. Upon separation from the military, I returned to work for General Motors in Baltimore.

I’ve always been interested in radio; and, in the early 80s, during a period of downtime at GM, I briefly attended a broadcasting trade school. It was then when I landed my first job in radio at a station with a familiar frequency -- 103.7 FM -- WHDG in Havre de Grace. Working two jobs, I was a busy person. I worked weekdays at my regular job and weekends at my hobby.

I retired from General Motors in 1997, but the radio gig kept on going. I bounced around the radio dial working for several stations in the Baltimore area before finally winding up right back where I started at 103.7 FM.

I am married. My wife Evelyn and I live in Edgewood. We have two grown children who are both married and on their own.

As for radio, I don’t have a crystal ball, so I don’t know how much longer it will last, all I know is that I am having a great time playing “The Most Music, Guaranteed.” And, I owe it all to you! Thanks for listening to THE Country Station, 103.7, WXCY.

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